She pulled her huge tits out of her top and began to drink the hormone formula. You watched as her tits visibly swelled as she gently rubbed them, until they were so big that they rested in the table below her.

Licking her lips, she looks up at you and asks, “Got any more?”


Ever since your girlfriend grew massive titties she has been loving the cowgirl position… The feeling of her heavy tits wobbling and slapping against her body turned her on immensely


In order to train your girlfriend into becoming a hucow, you attached large glass suction cups around her nipples and areolae and forced her to wear it at all times.

After a full month she was finally allowed to remove them. When she did, she almost fainted… Her nipples had grown big and dark and her areolae had grown massive… She officially had teats.

"Welcome home baby! I’ve been massaging my titties with those oils all day… I think I’m outgrowing my H cup bra!! Teehee!"


"Excuse me, sir? What I ordered seemed to have made my breasts grow larger… Could you tell me what was in it? I want to make some at home…"