Ever since Selena got into the fetish scene, she became addicted to breast play. She groped herself whenever she was alone, and made sure all her clients and partners did the same.

Her boobs have grown huge since she started rubbing them, only adding to her love for boobs.


Serena loved soaking in her new bubble bath, because it was very special. As she lay there, her breasts swelled with each passing minute, slowly becoming larger.

One day, Serena fell asleep in the tub. When she woke up, her tits had grown bigger than her head, and felt incredibly full. They were so engorged that her veins were swollen and visible. In shock at first, she became more and more open to the idea of having gigantic, bloated tits.

"Wha- what’s happening to me! Why are my tits growing!? Oh my god… They’re fucking massive! Please stop!!!"


How can I get my boobs to swell? Any tips?

Yes! I post all the tips and guides on the page “How To Grow Bigger Breasts” in the sidebar. You can also find some good links there such as the Breast Nexus forums.

In short - massage, looser bras, plenty water, and supplement your diet!

Breast implants can be quite addictive. Once you reach an ideal size, your tits will be quite full. But with the added weight, your skin will stretch and your breasts will eventually sag.

Only one thing left to do - go even bigger! Rinse and repeat…