Josie was addicted to tit milk. She had two personal milk maids serving her at all times. All the extra hormones caused her own tits to grow absolutely massive over the years.

Hey me and my girlfriend have been wondering what is the best way to grow Breasts naturally she is a ddd now but wants to be at least a I to a K and suggestions?

Flax seed oil massages, going braless, supplements, pumping… the list goes on!

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You looked down at your creation and smiled evilly - not only had you made her into a horny tit slut with huge milky titties, but you made sure she’d never be able to leave.


If I messaged you on kik could I ask you about products and techniques to grow bigger?

Yes absolutely, that’s what my kik is for!

That… and dirty, dirty roleplaying ;)

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Stacy wasn’t sure how she was going to play the part of a sex-crazed nympho. Luckily, her perfume solved that problem by transforming her into one.