So my girlfriend keeps complaining that her boobs are small and saggy, is there a way to naturally increase them and perk them up?


boobgrowth has an excellent blog that has many links/tips/suggestions for such a question. Follow him and let them grow!

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Keep the boobies growing!


Abby could hardly remember what it was like to have DD tits. She started her natural breast enlargement routine about a year ago - she massaged her tits with flax seed oil every day, stopped wearing bras, and was lovingly every second of it.

She stands in front of the mirror and tries to put one of her old work shirts, and giggles as it fails to reach around her huge tits. Abby pondered that her boobs must be at least J cups… and she has no intention to stop growing.


My girlfriend has moderately sized boobs and nipples, but her nipples almost never get very hard, no matter how much we stimulate them. Is there a reason for this or a way to change it? She wants them to be stick straight out and get very hard.

Every girl is born with different breasts and nipples. Your girl seems to have been born with very small, possibly inverted nipples.

It’s definitely possible to make them more sensitive and harder. My recommendation is to play with her nipples ALL THE TIME. The more constant stimulation, the more sensitive they will become!

I would even suggest you buy her a breast pump and pump her nipples. It will both enlarge them and make them more sensitive.

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Keep the boobies (nipples) growing!

"Oh Daddy, look at how much bigger and fuller my titties have gotten… These breast massages are working so well! *giggle*"

A is starting her journey to growing bigger boobs - join her, and follow her progress!

You watched as the oils slowly absorbed into her skin, making her huge boobs swell before your eyes.

"More Daddy, more!"