She sent you selfies every day while you were away. Each time, you could’ve sworn her boobs had grown bigger…. It wasn’t long before her tits didn’t even fit in the photo.


Is the no bra thing absolutely necessary? Because I feel uncomfortable without one in public

Not wearing a bra is very good because it prevents sagging and gives your breasts room to grow.

If you feel uncomfortable, start out by loosening your bras as much as you can.

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"I just want to thank everyone who made this evening possible - the researchers who developed the formula, the dress makers who adjust with every growth spurt, and the fans who remind me that there is no such thing as too big!"


I am a 34D and I'm 5'2 and weigh 134 pounds. And I wanna get bigger boobs! Help!

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"Whatcha staring at honey? Is there something on my shirt?"

My face flushed red and I quickly averted my eyes. My step mom’s breasts-ah or rather, udders-were quickly growing over the past few weeks and I couldn’t help but stare. She would always walk around wearing tight, constricting shirts that barely contained her tits. I could see beads of sweat cascade down her canyon cleavage, I could see her cute nipples poke through the fabric of her shirt, and I could tell her tits were full of milk by the dark stains on her shirt near her nipples.