"I can’t believe I doubted you… these flax seed oil massages are working wonder! I’ve gone through 2 bottles now and my tits are so much bigger and fuller. How do you like them, baby?"

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itschocolatecandy, what a difference exactly 8 weeks makes!

You’ve grown so much.

*twerks in celebration*

praise to the flaxseed oil

If anyone still doubts the power of natural breasts enlargement (NBE), boy do I have news for you…

itschocolatecandy has grown HUGE from NBE! She’s grown more than a full cup size in only 8 weeks! Her very simple routine consists of flax seed oil massage twice daily, and no wearing bras. The rest is history!

If you’d like one-on-one advice for growing bigger boobs, kik me @boobgrowth

Keep the boobies growing :)




I’ve posted a link to a massage video below! Take notes, everybody! :P I had reservations about posting a video but I really hope you guys like it.  I love all of you!  Thanks again for following me and supporting me through this journey! 


Amazing tutorial video by the incredibly sexy porcelain-tits. She has grown 2 cup sizes with this technique, watch and learn!

This technique is called the fat transfer method, which moves fat from your belly, sides, and arms into your boobs. Use flax seed oil for even faster growth!

Keep the boobies growing :)


Is it okay to message my breast in the shower?

Yes, of course!

Warm water will improve blood flow and make the massage more sensual and effective.

Also, switching to cold water towards the end of the shower improves circulation, and stimulates collagen production! This will keep your boobs firm and perky.

Keep the boobies growing :)