"Look what you did! Not only are my boobs so bi and swollen, but they’re leaking milk everywhere! Please help me… I’m so embarrassed!"



Can I find two fellow inducing/milking ladies to do this with me ;) <33anna

You and your sisters had always joked about having bigger boobs since you were kids. Eventually, you decided to act on those thoughts and got together for a very special “potluck”. It became a weekly tradition and 3 years later, each of your tits have grown bigger than you could have ever imagined. None of you wanted to stop though.


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When the Western Kingdom took over, the Queen was captured and taken away. She was injected with drugs and forced into a harem, her tits growing huge and full of milk. Even after the Eastern army came to save her, the Queen was never the same again.


The only thing Amy cared about was growing bigger tits and getting fucked by bigger cocks. She had become a true size queen.