"Daddy, my tits have grown so big and heavy… They’re way too big for my frame. But… I kinda want to keep growing…"


I love your blog and have had a couple questions for you for a while lol but was afraid to ask! I started taking a Flaxseed capsule and pop it to use for massage. Is 1 capsule per 15min massage enough? Also, my left breast seems to be quicker in response than the right. Do you have any advice on how to catch up the right breast? Also, is tenderness of the nipples normal? I noticed when they ache, massaging them makes them not hurt anymore for a while but I don't want to over do it. Thank you!

Wow, lots of questions! In the future, message me on kik (boobgrowth) and I can answer your questions quicker.

1. As long as there’s enough oil to cover your boobs, you’re fine. I would recommend getting flax seed oil in liquid form.

2. Simply massage the smaller breast more and it will catch up!

3. Yes, nipple tenderness is very normal. It’s actually why many girls get addicted to growing! Tenderness is a sign that blood flow is increasing and your hormones are active - in other words, keep it up.

Keep the boobies growing!


Hi! What are the boob massages??!!!



Breast Massage Techniques

Great question! There are actually many different varieties of massages that work. The most common is a simple circular massage where you use both hands to massage in a circle around your nipple.

The lymphatic draining massage is also popular. In the video you can also see the circular massage being demonstrated.

There is also fat transfer massage, demonstrated here by chiyomilk. The idea is to push fat toward the breast.

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And keep the boobies growing!

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I’m officially a G cup!


36 G!!!! :)




Congratulate porcelain-tits on growing yet another cup size, making her a 36G cup! That’s 3 cup sizes in 2 months. She’ll be a J in no time ;)

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Can anyone add you on kik for advice or do they have to message here first?

If you’re 18+ and you want to grow bigger boobs naturally, you are welcome to message me directly on kik

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I have small breast :c I always wanted a huge chest and nipples. Can you help? I want to grow them fast I started a month ago with flax-seed oil, but little to no change in size. Please teach me how to grow a big beautiful chest.

That’s very good that you’re using flax seed oil! I would need to know more about your routine specifically to help you. Are you massaging correctly? Are you massaging often enough? Are you eating healthy?

Message me on kik @boobgrowth and I can give you personalized advice


"I just can’t stop playing with my tits… growing is so addicting! Don’t they look bigger, Daddy?”